Scott's First Solo Detail -

15 September 2015

After receiving technical advice and observing myself and Roy, we let Scott loose on a detail of his very own as part of his training! But don't worry, he got to detail his own car!

As you can see from the images, his Honda Civic Type-R was in need of a two stage correction.

As always, the best details start with a thorough decontamination wash.

After showing Scott how to handle and adjust the Festool UK Rotex, we set him up with Koch Chemie UK Ltd F5o1 and the yellow medium density head.

As you can see, there were a variety of different defects for Scott to tackle.

These included scratches, bird lime and burns - perfect for training!

After 2-3 passes with the Festool UK Rotex, Koch Chemie UK Ltd F5o1 and the yellow medium head, the paint was in prime condition for refinement.

Scott making sure every surface received the same treatment for the even finish.

Using the proper lighting and seating to make sure Scott is comfortable and not straining muscles or damaging his back.

Refinement was achieved with the Rupes S.p.A. Duetto, Koch Chemie UK Ltd M2o1 and the Koch Chemie orange fine pad.

We took advantage of Scott's detail to trial a new Gtechniq product, we have left it with the product only for the moment to study water and dirty effect on the new coating.

While waiting for the Gtechniq coating to cure he freshened up the engine bay.

With care, attention to detail and following our instructions closley, Scott achieved a very satisfactory depth of reflect that any detailer would be proud of.

Ready to hit the road after two days of intensive work.

Can't beat a funky angle shot...oh and a good reflection.

Even the roof was repaired to a very high standard.


Well done Scott, we're all very proud of what you achieved on your first detail!!

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Polishing Pad - Yellow Medium/Hard
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