2015 Audi RS6 -

This 2015 Audi RS6 was brought to us by a returning client, we have cared for a number of his cars and this time he wanted to try out our new XPEL paint protection system combined with Gtechniq's supreme Crystal Serum.

After collecting the car on a Friday, he had a weekend of fun before dropping it off to us on the Monday. We tried out Auto Finesse Iron Out and found it to be very effective at removing contaminates. After the decon gel came the hot TFR foam bath and we found the Swissvax brushed to be very handy for cleaning the massive front grill on this car.

While the marring was mainly localised to the front and rear bumpers, every area of the car was machine polished to release the highest amount of shine possible. We have found that the Meguiars pas work particularly well with the Festool Rotex 90 and the shine we achieved before any product was applied was breathtaking.

After the Gtechniq Crystal Serum had been applied, the car was moved to our paint protection studio for the fitting of the full front kit which includes bonnet, wings and front bumper.

For added protection we also fitted the rear bumper load protector and as you can see there is #nolossofgloss

The wheels were protected with Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour while the aluminium hubs were machine polished and tyres treated with Scholl Concepts Slime. The full car received two coats of EXO, the leather was treated with L1, the carpets with I1 and the plastics and carbon with C6 Matte Dash to round off The Ultimate Protection Detail.

There is something very special about Audi's Racing Mica Blue!

The process