Alfa Romeo 4C -

This client waited 18 months for his build slot, during which we exchanged emails discussing different coating and film options, finally landing on Gtechniq Crystal Serum and XPEL which we have now called the Ultimate Protection Package.

After arranging to have the car shipped from the Newcastle Alfa dealership to our unit to prevent damage, we gave it a thorough pre-detail inspection. Bilt Hamber Korrosol was used to decontaminate the paint and wheels, followed by a hot TFR foam bath to remove the Korrosol.

The car was then re-foamed and hand washed using the two bucket method before being moved inside to have a blow dry and check the paint for any remaining contaminates.

The 4C received a multiple stage correction to remove defects in the paint, the Festool Rotex 90 was perfect for the hard to reach spots  so no area was left untouched. After all machine polishing work was completed we alcohol wiped all exposed areas and coated with Gtechniq Crystal Serum which was left to cure overnight. We then moved back to the wash bay for a pre-film installation wash to remove any traces of contamination. XPEL Ultimate Self Healing Film was applied to the bumper and sills and then moved back into the detailing studio for final touches before delivery to the customer.

We found some marring in the foot wells and used Koch-Chemie P2o2 to remove the marks and add protection. After final checks were complete, 2 coats of Gtechniq EXO were applied and the car was now ready to be transported to Aberdeen where we followed it up and did the handover at the customer's house.

The process
Alfa Romeo