Aston Martin DBS -

With this particular client we have reached a level of understanding that when he wants his car done he drops the keys off with the instructions "just do what you think needs doing". We set about this very prized car with the respect and love it has always received and once the car was taped up to stop dust getting into the V12 engine and bay, it was time to start work.

We gave it a very light correction using the Festool Rotex and Scholl Concepts products to achieve the desired results as there was only the odd mark in the paintwork here and there and so a heavy cut was not needed. The paintwork was then sealed with Gtechniq's market leading Crystal Serum and three coats of Exo. After checking with Robert Earle of Gtechniq, the carbon fiber defuser and spliter were also treated with Crystal Serum while the calipers and wheels were sealed with C5 Wheel Armour.As you can see, the number plate stickers have been left on as they are glued to the paint protection film, and we didn't want to damage it by trying to remove them, it was agreed to leave them in place behind the number plates.

The process
Aston Martin

Products used

C5 Wheel Armour