Aston Martin DBS -

This was a recommendation from Aston Martin Edinburgh, the client loved his car but felt it was looking tired, so after a couple of calls to discuss options, Aston delivered the car for us to work our magic.

After a full decontamination wash and clay, we moved the car inside to carry out a thorough paint inspection and even without special torches and lighting the damage was clear to see. It was apparent that there was some heavy marring and every inch of the soft Storm Black paintwork would need correction.

You can see where the PPF comes into its own by protecting the paint from wipe damage. After a cake and coffee, Roy settled in for a long shift and following week long detail, the Aston was proud to see the sun again. The customer hadn't see his car in nearly 3 months and was totally blown away with the results - a flawless reflection! Every angle looks perfect and the depth of gloss achieved by using the correct products and techniques is amazing.

The process
Aston Martin