Aston Martin GT12 -

As with every detail, we first remove any contaminates with Bilt-Hamber Korrosol before examining the paintwork for any defects. Aston Martin didn't spare any expense on the GT12 but we did find a few areas in need of correction, although nothing too worrying.

A good detailer knows what combination will work in certain areas and Roy got straight into the awkward areas with Meguiar's UK MF pad and Koch Chemie H801 which worked really well.  We then fixed the sills even though XPEL was to be applied later. Although some of these defects would be hidden, the Ultimate Shine Autos way is to ensure the paint is in perfect condition before installation of any PPF. Two days in and the supercar was taking shape nicely.

With the correction work completed the GT12 was then thoroughly washed in preparation for the XPEL film to be applied. Every corner was foamed and washed to remove dirt and contaminants before being brought back into the detailing bay with the kit prepared and the heating on!

Although quite a complicated bonnet, we love a challenge and made sure to remove all of the liquid to ensure a flawless installation. The wings had some very challenging areas but if it was easy then everyone would be doing it. Even with the wheels being matte, protection isn't a problem as Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour is optically clear and doesn't add gloss.

With the Gtechniq and XPEL products applied we then let them dry with the infrared heating as unfortunately you cannot control Scottish weather. The lower splitter will be fitted on return to the garage before the customer collects it as the risk of damage during transportation was to high - it barely made it onto the lorry as it was! We were really sad to see this one leave to go home, it took a lot of products from a lot of manufacturers to take this from a supercar to a dream supercar but was amazing to work on. Thank you Aston Martin!

The process
Aston Martin