Audi RS7 -

Fresh onto the wash bay this stunning white Audi RS7. As ever we start our decontamination washes with Bilt-Hamber Laboratories Korrosol to remove any iron contaminants and found it worked really well, showing us quite a bit of contaminants in this paint as you can see from all of the purple.

Once washed, clayed and air dried we moved the RS into our new detailing bay for machine work before protection was added. With the paint looking in top condition in preparation for the application of the Gtechniq ceramic layer and XPEL United Kingdom Paint Protection Film. We added heat to warm the panels and, whilst waiting for the paint to acclimatise, sealed the wheels with Gtechniq C5 wheel armour and polished the alloy brake hubs before remounting them.

XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film was then installed in the new PPF/ detailing bay, with the added help of our new lift when working on the bumpers and lower panels. The new lighting and heating system is also working out well and allowing us to ensure the install is as clean as physically possible. With all of the base protection installed, we finish off with Swissvax Crystal Rock at the customer's request. Multiple coats of Crystal Rock were applied by our Swissvax Approved detailer, Roy. A flawless XPEL installation completed, with ceramic paint protection by Gtechniq and LSP by Swissvax Crystal Rock...can it get any better?

All ready to hit the road and create a storm, the RS7 is now ready to be collected and the customer was blown away with the finish of all the products applied to his dream car "better than i could ever imagine"

This car was a pleasure to work on, using the new bay with the proper lighting, heating, and lifting equipment has made it possible for Ultimate Shine Autos to raise our game to the next level (pun intended ;))

The process