Audi S3 Imola Yellow -

You don't often find a colour that you instantly fall for, but this stunning S3 is it. After a recommendation from the main dealer, this client waited penitently for their slot in order to receive a Gtechniq New Car Protection with C1 and C2. Even on the dullest of days this car stands out.

To begin, we used Bilt-Hamber Laboratories Korrosol to remove any contaminates in the paint. The great thing about this product is that the colour change to purple allows us to know it is working and for this particular S3, there seemed to be a lot of contamination towards the rear of the car with odd spots on the roof and pillars.

Even with a brand new car we still machine polish to make sure the paint is in perfect condition to accept the Gtechniq coating. Once machine polishing is completed, we double check the whole car to make sure nothing is left to chance before coating.

With the car now wearing Gtechniq C1 and C2v3, the glass sealed with G1, and the wheels sealed with Auto Finesse Mint Rims for that special touch, its ready to turn some heads. Even with a colour so low on the reflective scale, a little time and the correct products can make anything shine and the contrasting sunroof allows you to see the level of gloss achieved. A shine to be envious of with a little help from Gtechniq.

The process