Audi S5 -

This client was looking to attend  a few cars shows but felt his S5 wasn't quite up to standard. With a little help from Ultimate Shine Autos he's now ready to arrive and shine!

The Audi S5 arrived for a full decontamination with Bilt Hamber Korrosol for any impurities in the paint and Sufex HD for the engine bay, while the wheels were heading for powder coat.

Scott worked really hard to remove all of the dirt form every area of the engine bay to make sure this car made the big impression needed. After decontamination and a rinse down, the S5 received a hot foam TFR bath to remove any traces of decontamination products.  We found that there was a lot of wash damage to remove and made sure to leave no area untouched.

Using Koch-Chemie compounds and polishing heads this car will look every part the show winner. Once the correction stage was complete, we alcohol wiped down and set about applying Gtechniq C1, leaving this to cure over night before adding the finishing touches.

The hubs were rubbed down and painted, while the wheels received a fresh application of Auto Finesse Mint Rims to add protection.

With the finishing touches complete, the car was now wearing Gtechniq C1 with two coats of Swissvax Best of Show, while the interior had been stripped, cleaned and the leather fed, and the alloys had Auto Finesse Mint Rim wheel wax applied. Who says you can't get gloss in a white car?

The client has since been in touch to say how much easier it is to keep on top of the cleaning since we detailed the car and he plans to bring it back at the end of the season for a top up.

The process