Audi TT -

The client had a recommendation from a friend to have his first new car protected with Gtechniq - C1, C2v3, G1, C5, I1 and L1.

As per our instructions, the new TT was delivered with all the wrapping intact. We removed all wrapping and gave the car a rinse to remove any loose dirt before applying Bilt Hamber Korossol to remove any contaminates. The red shown in image 6 is iron particles from the brake discs being safely dissolved away. We also found more contamination on the iconic TT fuel filler cap.

The car then received a hot Autoglym TFR bath to remove the contaminated gel and, once rinsed, we reapplied TFR foam and washed the car by hand. On the final rinse, the engine bay was also washed to ensure all dust and dirt is removed.

Even new paint requires machine polish and for this we used Koch-Chemie Lack-Polish Grün. We use a variety of machines when detailing and for this particular vehicle, a smaller sized polishing head is used on the tighter area around the top of the wing. The interior was then treated with I1 and L1, the wheels sealed with Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour and the paint (and headlights)received Gtechniq C1 and was then left to cure overnight. Once cured, we applied two coats of C2v3 - the reflection says it all!

Final inspection was carried out in natural daylight before the car was transported back to the dealership in Aberdeen to handover to the happy owner.

The process