BMW X5 -

We received an email requesting USA prepare an F15 2014 X5 for a trip to London before leaving the dealership. The customer had seen our Boxster S album, was very impressed with the results we achieved with Gtechniq products and wanted to opt with their protection products over BMW's own brand. Grassick's kindly agreed to let us use their valet centre in Perth and the customer requested they debadge the car but not wash it.

On arrival, we applied ValetPRO's Dragon Breath as the start of the decontamination process but as it was such a cold day in Perth, unfortunately the products started to freeze and so a hot wash was in order, followed by a reapplication in order to complete decontamination. Back inside after a light claying the car was inspected for damage and some light marring marks we found on the front of the bonnet and lower parts of the bumper. After machine polishing the car, it received a full alcohol wipe down to remove all grease and was treated with C1 and EXO. The wheels were removed, alcohol wiped and sealed with Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour, while the interior leather was treated with L1, the carperts and mats with I1, and all plastic component's with C6 Matte Dash to help with UV damage and scuffing.

The process