Boxster GTS -

This is our best package to protect your pride and joy, we use market leading products including XPEL Ultimate Self Healing Film to protect all forward facing panels against stone chipping, Gtechniq Crystal Serum to protect all exposed areas, then the whole car (including the filmed areas) has two coats of Gtechniq Exo applied to provide protection and unified beading.

We organised covered transportation to collect the GTS from Porsche Glasgow and deliver straight to our unit. Upon delivery, we used Bilt Hamber Korossol to decontaminate the paint and wheels - after letting the gel dwell for 10-15 minutes we apply TFR foam at 60 degrees Celsius.

A two stage polishing system to is used to remove any damage in the paints finish and, once polishing is complete, we use an alcohol wipe to remove any residues to ensure it is ready for Gtechniq Crystal Serum application. The areas where film is to be applied are taped off to help prevent any accidental contamination while the coatings are being applied.

The wheels were also removed, cleansed and Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour applied. XPEL Ultimate Self Healing Film is applied to the front of the car and sills, along with rear lower impact areas with wrapped edges. The car is moved outside for final checks in natural daylight before a final wipe down with Auto Finesse Finale.

The process
Boxster GTS