Ferrari F12 Berlinetta -

We have the great pleasure of presenting our detail on a Ferrari F12. Unfortunatley, the car was delayed for almost two weeks, resulting in a change to the original plans and so this process was split into two parts, the first being the decontamination and correction process, and the second when the car returned to us a week later to have Crystal Serum and EXO applied.

At the customer's request, Gray Paul Edinburgh agreed not to valet the car and transported it to our unit in a covered vehicle. On arrival, the F12 received a thorough rinse with the pressure washer, followed by an application of Angelwax Revelation to remove any contaminates in the paint. After letting Revelation dwell for 10-15 minutes the car received a hot foam wash and, once dry, we were able to see any of the defects usually found after the manufacturing process has been carried out. Due to the complex body shape of the F12, we used rotary extension bars along with Scholl Concepts S17+ and pads to ensure a very fine and effective cut and to achieve the best possible result for the special 2007 F1 colour.

Protection is key and we used specially designed pins to remove the wheels to make sure neither the wheel or the carbon ceramic discs were damaged. Once off, both the wheels and calipers received the Gtechniq treatment with C5 Wheel Armour.

The F12 was then transported to Paintshield Ltd in Peterborough for the new self healing film to be applied to the front and rear of the car and on it's return we carried out a final inspection, masked off the film to prevent any damage from chemicals and gave it an alcohol wipe down in preperation for the last stage of our Gtechniq protection. Gtechniq's market leading Crystal Serum was applied and, once cured, we treated this very special car to three coats of EXO. Over 20 hours of work later, the finished results are stunning! We wish it had been sunny when the car left but you can't have it all!

The process
F12 Berlinetta