McLaren 650S -

We are so proud to present our first Gtechniq CS Black package on a new McLaren 650S! We've been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work on a lot of Italian and German finery but this one is pretty pecial.

Due to PPF installation already in place on the front of the car, we didn't start this detail with our usual decontamination chemicals but instead opted for a hot TFR foam bath and clay. Extra care was taken with the ceramic brakes using Dodo Juice Supernatural Wheel Cleaner which is strong enough to thoroughly cleanse but soft enough to avoid damage.

A hot rinse then we re-applied the TFR foam to ensure anything already applied was successfully removed. Scott used the Dodo Juice Supernatural Short Hair Wash Mitt to wash the paint, reducing the chance of marring before changing mitt to wash the lower parts of the doors and sills. It was very apparent that this 650S was in need of some attention as the holograms were really detracting from the car's true beauty.

We are often asked questions like, "Why are you more expensive than your competitors?" or "Why do you take longer to complete a detail?" and the reason is that we make sure the paintwork is in prime condition BEFORE applying the XPEL film. As you can see from some of the images below, the film has been applied over damaged areas and the edge is left exposed which makes it impossible to machine polish the edge of the wing without further damaging the film. A correction should have been carried out before the PPF installation as now the damage in the paint will have to remain under the film, detracting from the detail on the rest of the car.

We used the Festool UK Rotex with Koch Chemie UK F5 and an orange polishing head to remove the holograms from every inch of the paint. With some interesting areas to tackle on the 650S, we had to change our approach and change heads to a denser foam. The Festool Rotex 90 made light work of this while the F5 worked well, breaking down a treat.

The wheels were removed and Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour was applied then when re-fitted we always double check that they are torqued to manufacturers settings.  With the base coat left to cure overnight, we then applied two coats of Gtechniq EXO to the entire car (including the film) to ensure we achieve a unified beading.  With a reflection now worthy of a supercar, every area has the same depth of gloss and shine and not forgetting those matte black wheels and orange callipers which were treated with Gtechniq C5 whilst we were there.

The doors are a work of art which would leave even Batman jealous and they even put a badge on the inside to remind you what you're driving...just in case you forget. The customer was ecstatic to collect his car supercar on a very rare sunny Scottish day and the reflections got a big thumbs up!

The process