Mercedes-Benz S Class -

Arriving in the wash bay for decontamination you can feel the presence of the S Class already. Decontamination always starts with a rinse, followed by an application of Bilt-Hamber Korrosol to remove any ingrained contaminates. We found that the Korrosol worked well on the Brabus option wheels. Once the Korrosol had finished reacting we used a hot foam TFR wash to remove the residue then repeated before moving back inside for inspection. On this occasion clay wasn't necessary, so we panel wipe and head straight to machine work with no corner left untouched.

With so much quality leather, the S Class deserves a quality sealant and  Gtechniq I1 was just the product. This is where we then sort the men from the boys - the application of Gtechniq Crystal Serum! Once the coating has been applied we now have the luxury of curing the coating with heaters in our new detailing bay. While this is not always necessary, the fast approaching Scottish winter meant they were needed in this case.

We love the winter light we get at this time of year as it really complements our work in the final images. The new S Class has a stunning interior and those large LCD screens show so much information! The interior has been protected with I1 for the carpets and L1 for all that leather.

This is the gloss you want on a top of the range luxury car and its thanks to hard work and the correct collection of products. All cars deserve a great start and Crystal Serum is the start you want, if you'd like a quote just give us a call 01786 447466.

The process
S Class