MTM Audi A4 3.0 Tdi -

After completing a full Gtechniq protection on this customer's white Boxster S, he was so impressed with our service and Gtechniq's products he drove his tuned A4 all the way from the South of France to have us rejuvenate it. The car went through a front end respray for extensive stone chipping removal, the wheels were sent for powdercoating, the rest was down to us and Gtechniq.

Once it had returned from it's full front respray, we decontaminated and clayed the car before moving it inside and placing it on axle stands. The wheels were removed and taken away to be powdercoated, changing the colour from anthracite to gloss black and once back (even though they were fresh from the powdercoater) we gave them a quick polish before coating with C5 Wheel Armour and then refitted and torqued them to manufacturers spec.

Some marring was evident in the paintwork, although it was in surprisingly good condition for a car of 50k miles. A cutting pass was required, using the Festool Rotex and two passes followed the cutting to refine and gloss the paint to a near mirror finish. We also did a quick cut on the lights to remove any signs of aging.


The process
MTM A4 3.0 Tdi

Products used

C5 Wheel Armour