Porsche 991 911 GT3 -

We had this car shipped up from the dealership to minimise any damaged as we were to complete our signature Ultimate Protection Detail. This involves the best products money can buy to provide the best protection available on the market place to-date. For ceramic coating we use Gtechniq's premium Crystal Serum, for stone-chip protection we use XPEL Ultimate film which has the advantage of self healing and for the last stage protection on this occasion was Swissvax's top of the range Crystal Rock.

Upon arrival we stripped the car and prepared to decontaminate using Bilt Hamber Laboratories Korrosol which removed any contaminates embedded in the paintwork. We then used Bilt-Hamber Laboratories auto-wheels to remove contaminates on the wheels before a hot foam TFR wash, rinse, re-foam and wash again in preparation of the Ultimate Protection Detail. By ensuring the foam is removing all dirt before touching the paintwork, we minimise the risk of any damage and then tape off the black plastics to make certain they are protected from any type of machine damage.

The paintwork required a 2 stage correction, for this we used Koch Chemie fluids with Meguiars microfibre polishing pads which we found to be extremely effective. Once the correction was completed the car was re-washed to remove dust and compounds in preparation of the XPEL Europe Ultimate Paint Protection Film install. With the wing and petrol flap tackled first, we then moved onto the bonnet and bumper, all of which is cut off the car and installed in-house by Clive who happens to be Scotland's only XPEL factory trained installer.

On this install we covered the A pillars and forward roof section of the future classic and added the high side panels to remove the risk of quarter panel damage. The sill/rocker kit also included the lower door section which is a good idea on this type of car.
As requested by the customer, we then applied 2 coats of Swissvax Crystal Rock and the finished article was ready for road or track!

The process
991 911 GT3