Porsche Boxster S -

We were highly recommended to this customer, which came as a relief to him as he needed someone he could trust to perform a full Gtechniq service on his brand new Boxster S. We had a tight dealine as a full Gtechniq protection had to be completed in time for it's delivery as the owner was then driving it on a quick family & friends reunion tour round the north of Scotland, back to Crail for a Porsche track day, then home to France!

Porsche Glasgow kindly allowed us full use of their valet bay over the weekend and couldn't have been any more helpful. As requested, the car was unwashed and on this occasion we used ValetPRO's Dragon Breath as the decontamination product and then rinsed it with high foaming TFR which was brought with us. After drying with the hot air blower to reduce the chances of marring it was then time to strip the car to prepare for the alcohol wipe and paint inspection. We removed a couple of minor marks and the paint was wiped again with alcohol before Gtechniq C1 was applied. To reassure the client we used locator pins to remove the wheels, eliminating the chance of dropping the wheel onto the ceramic disc and damaging either. We scarified a few of our microfibres to extra protect the floor of the brand new car even though the jack has a rubber lift platform. C5 was applied then applied to every inch of the wheels and callipers to help prevent corrosion. At the end of day 1, Gtechniq EXO was applied, allowing it enough time to cure over night. On day 2, the paint was then wiped down and the leather, interior carpets, luggage compartments and the covertable hood were all treated.

The process
Boxster S

Products used

C5 Wheel Armour