Ultimate Private Hire's fleet and will be appearing at the...">

Rolls Royce Phantom -

This Phantom is the newest addition to our sister company Ultimate Private Hire's fleet and will be appearing at the SECC for the Scottish Wedding Show on the 17-18th of October. As always, our cars are meticulously presented and maintained, with this detail incorporating market leading products including XPEL ULTIMATE Self Healing Film, Swissvax Best of Show, Gtechniq Leather Guard and rounded off with Koch Chemie's premium 1K Nano sealant.

This is the first time we actually got hold of the car - as soon as we'd taken delivery it was put to work, but as this is the most important wedding show of the year, we are pulling out all the stops. All of our details start with a thorough decontamination using Bilt-Hamber Laboratories products.

We leave the Korossol for a good 10-15 minutes on a damp car to do its thing before a hot TFR foam wash and you can clearly see that the car needed this decontamination stage. There seemed to be a lot of decon coming from behind the headlights and behind the gutter chromes - better out than in! We never scrimp on products, it takes as much as it takes and we give a second hot TFR foam bath as the residue can sometimes continue to react. It appears that the problem is coming from behind the chromes so we leave it for as long as possible to remove the nasties. All the arches are foamed and washed along with the bodywork and thorough washing and rinsing was necessary after the evidence of the reaction.

You can see from the images, the colour began to weaken, meaning the reaction is lessening.
By looking round the edges of the light you can see the damage that was then removed using Koch Chemie UK Ltd compounds and polishing heads. After a single pass with Koch Chemie UK Ltd H8o2 and a yellow medium cut head with a rotary, we still have to refine the paint at this stage. Multiple angles are made easy with the Rotex and Koch Chemie products. We finishing off this cut before changing machine and compounds to a Rupes S.p.A. Duetto with the Koch Chemie UK Ltd yellow medium head and M2o1. for that perfect finish.

With all the refining finished the car was rewashed to remove any dust and contaminates, before applying XPEL ULTIMATE Self Healing Film to the bonnet and a few custom areas to prevent damage to the paintwork. After the successful application of XPEL, we then went back to detailing for the application of Koch Chemie UK's 1K Nano. We applied the 1K Nano to all available surfaces, as always we are will to try the things no-one else is will try, pushing the boundaries.
The 1K Nano was then left to cure for two days, after which we then treated the car too two coats of Swissvax UK Best Of Show to achieve the shine other chauffeur car companies can only dream of.

To be honest, I had forgotten how arduous it is to wax a car! Me and my fancy liquids #armsofsteel but all joking aside, Swissvax UK is a very easy on and easy off range of products, there's just a lot of Phantom to wax!

With some finishing touches underway, we decided at the final hour to machine all of the piano black trims inside the car to remove marring and holograms. Koch Chemie UK orange soft polishing head and M2o1 worked very well to remove the damage.
As this is going to be a high traffic car we used Gtechniq L1 on the leather to seal it and protect it from wear, with the front seats receiving an extra coating to make sure the leather remains in prime condition.
At the end of a very long week, I can safely say the car now matches the badge and this is one of very few (if not the only) Rolls Royce Phantoms to be wearing the new Koch Chemie UK Ltd 1K Nano system and it looks great for it!

The process