Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead -

After an extensive and thorough meeting with the client at Scotland's Rolls Royce dealership in Edinburgh, we booked not one but two Rolls Royce Phantoms for Gtechniq's premium package, CS Black. This is the first: a stunning Jubilee Silver Drop Top, less than a week old and getting the best protection system currently on the market.

After an evaluation, we set to work on decontaminating the paint using Bilt Hamber Korrosol - the darker the colour the more contamination it found. After 10-15 minutes dwell time we hot wash with TFR at 60 degrees celsius to remove the fallout and gels. With the size of this car rinsing takes a while, we used nearly a litre of foam for this Phantom which, in comparison, would typically do 2-3 normal sized cars!

For the single stage correction we used the Rupes Duetto with a Kamikaze Collection backing plate, Koch Chemie M2o1 and an orange head which we found worked really well for removing light marring. For the smaller areas, we used the Festool UK Rotex 90 which is great for the precision needed.

At the finish of day one we coated the roof with Gtechniq I1, allowing it to dry over night, this was the first of three coats as the client was very instant on fully waterproofing the hood. The second coat was applied after a 30 minute gap to allow penetration of the first coat.

Day two sees Gtechniq Crystal Serum being applied after a dust and alcohol wipe down. Knowing the product very well, ultimate care is take to make sure a double wipe and buff is carried out on every inch of the paint work, being careful to change cloths while using a flat light to help clear excess product. All of the hard work is becoming more apparent the closer we get to the end.

From the image, you can see the Gtechniq Crystal Serum product starting to cure, this is less than 30 seconds later. At 1 minute, it starts to reject the excess material and the beading of the excess Gtechniq Crystal Serum is even more evident at 1 minute 30 seconds. At 2 minutes, this is the longest I am willing to leave the product before buffing. This is why Gtechniq Crystal Serum is not available to just anyone; training to use these specialised products is highly necessary.
Applying the coating to the whole car took the best part of two and a half hours. Finally, we used Auto Finesse interior detailer for a streak free finish and even the lady received a special coating to ensure she always looks her best.

At Ultimate Shine Autos Ltd we check then check again as that first impression can never be regained. Every part of the car is inspected by more than one person for a reflection worthy of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Edinburgh.

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