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Lack of proper lubrication is the number one cause of marring during the claying process, which is why Auto Finesse Glide clay bar lube was created. Its special blend of slip agents help to encapsulate debris released during the claying process, and allow the detailing clay bar to slide across the surface of the vehicle with ease. This greatly reduces the chance of marring, and makes for a truly pleasurable claying experience.

Auto Finesse Glide was formulated especially to work in conjunction with their detailing Clay and is a special blend of long-lasting lubricants which allow the clay bar to slip across the surface of the paintwork with the ease of a well-oiled ball bearing. The, when you’re done claying, Glide easily buffs off with a microfiber towel to reveal a contaminate-free surface. This makes rinsing afterwards an unnecessary step, saving time that you can spend on other detailing stages.

Its unique lubricating properties help to make for a safer claying experience on sensitive finishes, including very soft paints. These properties also make it the perfect clay lube to aid beginning detailers, as it maintains the ideal level of lubricity, allowing first time users to concentrate on their technique.

While Glide can be used to enhance the performance of any detailing clay or clay substitute, it was made specifically to work with our very own detailing Clay Bar. Together, the Auto Finesse Clay Bar and Glide clay lube create a perfect pair, and an unrivalled decontamination duo. With a sweet bubble gum scent lingering in the air, the claying process ‘Glides’ by without drama. With our signature ease of use and performance, Glide is another must-have detailing product from Auto Finesse.

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