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Put simply, it's an easy-to-install device that can be incorporated into your engine bay to boost your engine's power, torque and fuel efficiency. All of our tuning boxes connect securely to your engine and work in parallel with your Engine Control Unit (ECU). We are official re-sellers of the TDI-Tuning boxes, allowing us to either sell you a box or sell and fit a box for you.


Diesel and petrol fuel injection technology has undergone significant changes over the past decades. This is mainly due to constant pressure from both governments and consumers to increase fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions. During this time various methods of fuel injection technologies were used by the automotive industry starting with mechanically controlled fuel injection and later electronically controlled for greater accuracy.

Variable pressure and Pumpe-Düse were very popular but emissions regulation changes and calls for greater refinement meant an alternative needed to be developed. In the late nineties Common Rail fuel injection technology was developed and soon became the standard for all modern diesel engines.

Today TDI-Tuning provides digital tuning solutions for the majority of electronic fuel injected diesel and turbo charged petrol vehicles including the latest engines featuring digital SENT (Single Edge Nibble Transmission) technology.

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Fitting prices start from £60.00

1 Hour