New Car Protection -

This detail is designed to offer our customers a high quality finish with products that will greatly enhance the look and protection of your new purchase and allows our team the appropriate time to effectively prepare your new car. Available for vehicles with up to 500 miles.

  • Vehicle treated with decontamination gel to remove any metal fallout from paintwork, wheels and glass
  • Front and rear of wheels cleaned using wheel cleaner
  • Multi-stage wash process using 2 bucket method and PH neutral shampoo
  • Wheel arches cleaned
  • Extra-fine clay used to remove bonded contaminates from paintwork and glass (if required)
  • Glue remover used to remove any glue marks left from transport protection
  • Vehicle re-washed and dried using air dryer and luxury drying towels
  • Vehicle wiped down with isopropyl alcohol to make sure surfaces are clean
  • Fabric roof sealed (if fitted)
  • Paintwork prepped with a pre-wax cleanser to support wax/sealant
  • Pre-selected wax/sealant applied
  • Front of wheels sealed to prevent excessive brake dust
  • Interior cleaned and vacuumed
  • Interior glass cleaned
  • Tyres dressed with long lasting tyre gel
  • Stainless steel/chrome cleaned, polished and protected
  • Exterior glass treated to enhance visibility in wet driving conditions
  • Final inspection of your vehicle carried out

Please contact us regarding our upgrade options.


8 - 10 Hours
Extra Large Vehicle
(BMW 7 Series, Range Rover...)
Large Vehicle
(Audi A6, Porsche 911...)
Medium Vehicle
(Audi A4, BMW 3 Series...)
Small Vehicle
(Fiat 500, VW Golf...)