Vehicle Wash, Vacuum + Windows Cleaned -

In addition to our Vehicle Wash, we will also vacuum the interior of your car and clean the inside of your windows.

  • Vehicle rinsed to remove loose dirt
  • Front and back of wheels cleaned with specialist alloy wheel cleaner
  • Snow foam applied to vehicle
  • Vehicle bodywork washed using the two bucket method and PH neutral shampoo
  • Wheel arches and door checks cleaned
  • Glossing agent applied to vehicle
  • Vehicle rinsed to remove any remaining soap
  • Vehicle dried using specialist drying towels
  • Detailing spray applied to exterior paintwork
  • Vehicle tyres dressed
  • Vehicle screen wash topped up
  • Litter removed
  • Interior seats and carpets vacuumed
  • Interior dashboard and centre console dusted
  • Interior glass cleaned using specialist glass cleaner
  • Final inspection of your car carried out
60 - 90 minutes
All Cars
(Any size)